AB Connect

Securing a bright future for Bristish food and farming

Who we are

AB Connect is a new business that has been created to connect the businesses of Trident, KW and ABN with the UK food and farming community.

Its vision is to secure a bright future for British food and farming by creating a range of practical and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges that tomorrow’s food and farming community will face.

Creating Practical and Sustainable Solutions for British Food and Farming

What we do

AB Connect has over 720 staff operating at the heart of British food and farming.

Its skills and expertise cover:

  • Co-product innovation, development & marketing for both the food, drink and bioethanol industries such as - Traffordgold & Trident
  • Animal nutrition, feed management & performance strategies for dairy, beef, pig & poultry producers - ABN & KW
  • Raw material sourcing, risk management and procurement.
  • Animal feed manufacturing – compounds & blends - ABN & KW

The business has relationships with farmers and producers across the UK reaching back over many decades and strategic relationships with the major influencers in the food & bioethanol industry supply chains.

Why we exist

The food and farming industry is of great importance to Britain. Agriculture uses around 70% of the UK’s land area and produces under 60% of all the food we consume in the UK, our food and drink industry employs over half a million people, has a turnover in excess of £70bn, and is the largest manufacturing sector representing around 15% of total UK industry.

But the food and farming industry is going through a time of profound challenge and change. The old ways of doing things are already evolving to meet the challenges of a very new and different tomorrow. Farmers and producers need help navigating the challenges. They need know-how and solutions to help them survive in this fast changing global marketplace.

AB Connects’ role is to help to farmers, producers and businesses all along the UK food and farming supply chain. It provides help in many forms. Through offering practical support to help farmers improve feed efficiency, better manage volatility and adopt better farm management practices. It also helps by providing new product and services which help its customers grow, adapt and win in the global market.

For the wider food supply chain AB Connect is a vital link in the chain, able to manage risk and volatility around raw material procurement and support and drive change through the supply chain.

Our family tree

Our Family Tree

Contact us

Head Office Address:

AB Connect
64 Innovation Way
Peterborough Business Park
Lynch Wood

Tel: 01733 422 161

E Mail: connect@abagri.com